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Table 2 Number of respondents giving correct answers to questions assessing knowledge

From: Knowledge, attitude and perception of community pharmacists towards pharmacogenomics services in northern Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Variable Frequency (n = 161) Percentage (%)
The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a medication maybe affected by an individual’s genetic makeup 149 92.5
Pharmacogenomics testing can be used to predict medication safety and efficacy 150 93.2
Genetic determinants of drugs response may change over a person’s lifetime 14 8.7
Genetic variants account for most variability in drug disposition and effects 118 73.3
Pharmacogenomics test result can be used to change drug therapy 153 95.0
Pharmacogenomics test result can be used for dose adjustment 144 89.4
Pharmacogenomics test results can be used as an indication for discontinuation of a drug 146 90.7
Indication(s) for pharmacogenomics testing
 Therapeutic failure 74 46.0
 To prevent adverse reaction 112 69.6
 To guide initiation of therapy 137 85.1
Medications that require pharmacogenomics testing
 Paroxetine 98 60.9
 Simvastatin 84 52.2
 Cefuroxime* 77 47.8
 Pantoprazole 34 21.1
 Clopidogrel 48 29.8
 Ibuprofen* 137 85.1
 Warfarin 86 53.4
  1. *Denotes medication that do not require pharmacogenomics testing; no is the correct answer