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Table 1 Diarrhea patient scenario for SC visit, Gondar town, north-west Ethiopia, August 2020

From: History taking and response to an adult diarrheal case among community drug retail outlets in Gondar town, north-west Ethiopia: a simulated-client survey

SC request on entering a CDRO Additional information to be provided by SC when asked by a CPP
I need medication for diarrhea For whom: my wife (female)
Age: 28 years
Pregnancy status: 2 months pregnant
Appearance of diarrhea: bloody and mucoid
Onset and duration of diarrhea: since last day
Frequency and amount of diarrhea: not quite sure but has occurred several times up to now
Additional symptoms: had vomiting, fever, abdominal cramp and tenesmus
Any triggering factor (pre-illness practice): had meal at restaurant where she is working a day before
Any other health problem: no
Action taken: nothing
Medication for the illness or other purpose: not at all