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Table 4 MTaPS-supported activities to strengthen leadership, governance and oversight capabilities of MSC-AMR bodies

From: Strengthening multisectoral coordination on antimicrobial resistance: a landscape analysis of efforts in 11 countries

JEE capacity level MTaPS-supported activities Bangladesh Burkina Faso Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire DRC Ethiopia Kenya Mali Senegal Tanzania Uganda Total (%)
n = 11
2 Establish/revitalize MSC-AMR body:
    8 (73%)
  AMS TWG    9 (82%)
  AMR Secretariat      7 (64%)
3 Develop terms of reference for an IPC/AMS TWG or AMR Secretariat   10 (91%)
3 Organize effective coordination through regular meetings 11 (100%)
4 Facilitate regular AMR governance committee meetings (to review NAP-AMR implementation status)       6 (55%)