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Table 3 No. of Day’s Wages of Unskilled Worker Needed to Purchase Standard Treatments

From: Advertisement of antibiotics for upper respiratory infections and equity in access to treatment: a cross-sectional study in Nepal

IndicationsAntibioticsStrength (Tablet/Capsule)No. of units a dayDuration daysMean Price (Rs)No. of units a day × Duration of days × Mean price (Rs)Day’s wages to pay for treatment
Streptococcal pharyngitisamoxicillin500 mg21010200.01.26
amoxicillin + clavulanate500 to 875 mg21035.9717.64.7
azithromycin500 mg1342.31126.90.8
Acute bacterial sinusitisamoxicillin500 mg35–710210.01.35
amoxicillin + clavulanate625 mg31435.881506.99.8
azithromycin500 mg1342.31126.930.83
Pertussisazithromycin500 mg1542.31211.51.4