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Table 2 Final interview guide

From: The community pharmacy practice change towards patient-centered care in Saudi Arabia: a qualitative perspective

1. Can you please describe the services community pharmacy currently provides in Saudi Arabia?
2. What are your views about the current role and practices of community pharmacist in Saudi Arabia in providing services to the consumers?
3. In your opinion, how a community pharmacist can help in managing consumer’s medications and diseases?
4. According to your opinion, which patient-centered care services in community pharmacy would be (or are generally) preferred by consumers?
5. In your opinion, how effective patient-centered care services can be implemented in community pharmacies of Saudi Arabia?
6. What type of services would you like to see in community pharmacy providing in the future to better support health care consumers?
7. What issues do you think community pharmacy might face in shifting toward patient-centered care services?
8. What are the barriers/problems associated with implementation of patient-centered care services (existing and future) in community pharmacy practice in Saudi Arabia?