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Table 3 List of drugs that are currently being clinically investigated as potential repositioned treatment for COVID-19 [51]

From: Unrealized potential of drug repositioning in Europe during COVID-19 and beyond: a physician's perspective

Drug Mechanism of action Original indication
Remdesivir Viral RNA polymerase inhibitor Hepatitis C
Favipiravir Viral RNA polymerase inhibitor Influenza
Hydroxychloroquine MAPK inhibitor Malaria
Lanadelumab Inhibition of kallikrein Hereditary angioedema
Ruxolitinib JAK1/2 inhibitor Myelofibrosis
Tocilizumab and sarilumab IL-6 inhibitor Rheumatoid arthritis
Anakira IL-1ß-inhibitor Rheumatoid arthritis
Lopinavir and ritonavir Viral protease inhibitors HIV
Oseltamivir Neuraminidase inhibitor Influenza
Imatinib Abl kinase inhibitor Leukemia
Cyclosporin A Calcineurin inhibitor Various (auto)-immune diseases
Nafamostat and camostat TMPRSS2 inhibitor (viral membrane fusion inhibitor) Anticoagulation
Enoxaparin and Rivaroxaban Factor Xa inhibitor Anticoagulation
Ravulizumab Complement (C5) inhibitor Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Disulfiram Inhibition of viral proteolysis Chronic alcoholism
Ivermectin Inhibition of viral replication Onchocerciasis