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Table 1 Overview of stakeholders, whether they were interviewed and their position on the bill

From: Rationales and arguments behind the adoption of self-selection of nonprescription medicines in Denmark

Political parties
 Liberal Alliance (LA)aNox 
 The Alternative (ALT)No x
 The Conservative Party (KF)aNox 
 The Danish People’s Party (DF)aNox 
 The Danish Social Democrats (S)bNocx 
 The Liberal Party (V)aNox 
 The Red-Green Alliance (EL)No x
 The Socialist People’s Party (SF)No x
 The Social Liberal Party (RV)No x
Public authorities
 The Ministry of Health (MH)Yesx 
 Danish Generic and Biosimilars Medicines Industry Association (IGL), ‘the generic industry’Yes x
 Danish Regions (DR)No x
 Local Government (LG)Nox 
 Pharmadanmark (PD)dNoxx
 The Association of Danish Pharmacies (ADP), ‘the pharmacy owners’Yes x
 The DaneAge (DAA)No x
 The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists (DAP)Yes x
 The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), ‘the originator industry’Yesx 
 The Danish Chamber of Commerce (DCoC)Yesx 
 The Danish Consumer Council (DCC), ‘the consumer organization’Yes x
 The Danish Medical Association (DMeA)No x
 The Danish Nurses Organization (DNO)No x
 The Danish Patient Association (DPA)Nocx 
 The Danish Patient Safety Association (DPSA)No x
  1. aGovernment parties (KF, LA, V) and government supporting party (DF)
  2. bArgued against adoption of self-selection of NPMs but voted for adoption of the bill
  3. cDeclined interview
  4. dArgued for self-selection of NPMs at pharmacies but not at retail outlets