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Table 7 Subjective response from drive through pharmacy users on the overall performance of the service

From: Evaluation of drive-through pharmacy service in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Malaysia

Excellent / Service did well
 1. Convenience (less hassle)Many drive-through pharmacy users agree that the process of obtaining medication is less time consuming than the conventional pharmacy counter collection.I do not have to queue up to take a number and wait for my number to be called before getting my medications. (Respondent 1, male)
A large number of patients favour this service because they do not have to find parking.… no parking lots in the hospital. Plus, I have a busy schedule and this service saved me a lot of time. (Respondent 2, female)
 2. Knowledgeable personnelWell-trained and client-friendly dispensers are among the positive feedback received by drive through pharmacy users.Dispenser is polite, helpful and able to answer questions asked. (Respondent 3, Male)
Dislikes about the service
 1. Accessibility / LocationMany users expressed dissatisfaction that the drive through pharmacy is not conveniently accessible due to narrow roads.… limited space for cars to pass through, if a lot of cars will create traffic jam. (Respondent 4, Male)
Location of the drive through pharmacy is not strategic since it is located behind hospital canteen.… hard to locate the drive through pharmacy for first timers & lack of signage (Respondent 5, Female)
 2. Operating HoursA number of drive through pharmacy users does not agree that the operating hours which is only during weekdays (8 am to 5 pm)I am working during weekdays, it is hard for me to go out to collect medications at the drive through pharmacy. (Respondent 6, Female)
 3. Service restrictionsRegistrations for the service is not allowed for prescriptions containing low stock items (Controlled quantity of drugs due to insufficient stock)....Limiting the service will bring inconveniences to the users as they will need to spend more time to get their medications, (Respondent 7, Male)