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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis of respondents’ attitudes towards Herbal Medicines (HM) predicting the difference between who agreed and disagreed about certain statements representing their attitudes (n = 372)

From: Herbal medicines: a cross-sectional study to evaluate the prevalence and predictors of use among Jordanian adults

StatementAgreeDisagreeP valueOR95% C. I for EXP(B)
HMs maintain and promote health315 (83.3)57 (15.1)0.0013.90(0.12–0.57)
HMs can be used to treat illness294 (77.8)78 (20.6)0.0491.98(0.26–0.99)
HM products are safe because they are made from natural ingredients261 (69.0)104 (27.5)0.0791.78(0.29–1.07)
If an HM is for sale to the public, I am confident that it is safe177 (46.8)192 (50.8)0.0410.519(1.03–3.62)
HMs are better for me than conventional medicines181 (47.9)186 (49.2)0.3580.764(0.74–2.33)
A lot of the health claims made by the manufacturers of HM products are unproven218 (57.7)153 (40.5)0.0360.515(1.05–3.60)
Do you agree that currently there is a lack of resources available to you regarding the use of herbal medicines225 (59.5)146 (38.6)0.5160.813(0.66–2.29)
Would you like to know more about the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines301 (79.6)71 (18.8)0.2600.638(0.72–3.43)
  1. HM Herbal medicine