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Table 3 SPCs status of TDF/FTC and access to PrEP

From: Supplementary protection certificates and their impact on access to medicines in Europe: case studies of sofosbuvir, trastuzumab and imatinib

TDF/FTCThe NetherlandsBelgiumUKDenmarkNorwayFranceGermanySwitzerlandIreland
SPCRejectedPreliminary injunction rejectedPreliminary injunction rejectedMaintainedNo informationRevokedRevokedMaintainedPreliminary injunction granted
Prices listedAverage retail price [107]Ex-factory price (excluding taxes) [108]Reference price [109]Retail price [110]Maximum retail price [111]Ex-factory price (excluding taxes) [112]Retail price [113, 114]Reference price [115]Retail price [116]
Truvada price3443804021110550295819773400
Cheapest available generic price48N/AN/AN/A24313953N/A85
Originator - generic price difference86%N/AN/AN/A56%53%94%N/A79%
Generic available on the marketYes [117]No [103]No [118]No [99]Yes [111]Yes [119]Yes [120]No [115]Yes [121]
ReimbursementYes [122]Yes [123]No [124, 125]No informationYes [126]Yes [119]Pending [127]No [128]No [129]
  1. Prices are in euro for 30 oral doses of TDF/FTC on 23 July 2018. Local currencies were converted to euro on 23 July 2018 [130]