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Table 4 Perceived benefits for implementing the proposed recommendations of a HM definition and classification, with participants’ quotes extracted from transcripts of interviews with officials at the Kuwaiti drug regulatory authority

From: A qualitative exploration of Bahrain and Kuwait herbal medicine registration systems: policy implementation and readiness to change

Benefits Participants’ quotes
Saving time for both reviewers and agents “…it will help and solve a lot of problems, and will assure us and the agents, that the product is registered under the correct registration department with the correct requirements from the beginning of registration, and products will not be transferred from one department to another in order to make a decision.” (KI12)
Consistency and clearness in the HM registration process “I think this [classification policy] will make things easier and clearer. Today, to be honest, there is confusion and disorder in classifying products. Look, to be honest, during one year, many products were transferred, and most of them because of the complaints of big companies against their competitors. And if it wasn’t them, nothing will be changed. So this [classification policy] will change many things and will put things into order” (KI10)
Increasing reviewer’s confidence in making decisions “I noticed something else that agents, once you tell them that this is a policy or this is a guideline… well, this is out of my hands, they actually adhere with you. But if there is no policy or no guideline, even if you told them many times, well, this shouldn’t be registered here, they won’t listen to you because there is no proper guideline they have to follow” (KI14)
Improving consumer’s safety “Our requirements for herbals [in the Herbal Department] are excellent very strong requirements, almost similar to the pharmaceutical registration requirements so if all HMs are registered here this will make sure that side effects are less to appear and this will increase the safety of consumers(KI11)
  1. HMs herbal medicines