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Table 1 Outcome Measures

From: Exploring the extended role of the community pharmacist in improving blood pressure control among hypertensive patients in a developing setting

  Outcome Measure
1 Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic BP) A validated automated blood pressure monitor (Omron M6) was used in measuring the blood pressure. Blood pressure was measured after the subject had rested for 5 min. Each blood pressure measurement recorded was based on an average of two blood pressure readings.
2 Body Mass Index (BMI) BMI was determined with an equipment (Height And Weight Scale TZ 120) that measured the client’s weight and height. Then the formulae “weight in kg /Height in m 2”was used in computing the BMI.
3 Level of adherence to antihypertensive Patient’s self-report using the 8 item Morisky scale
4 Alcoholic Status and frequency Subject’s answer (Yes/No) to drinking alcohol
The amount of alcohol consumed in a day was self-reported
5 Consumption of salty food Yes/No to question “Do you eat salty food?
6 Frequency of exercise Whether the subject exercised or not (Yes/No)
Amount of aerobic physical activity (e.g., brisk walking, Skipping) undertaken within a week
7 Modifications in life style modifications The number of hypertensive patients who reported adopting healthy life style practices at the end of the study
8 Pharmaceutical care issues The number of pharmaceutical care issues identified and the action taken to resolve it.
9 Patient Satisfaction Survey