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Table 5 Clinically significant interactions or contraindications

From: To what extent do prescribing practices for hypertension in the private sector in Zimbabwe follow the national treatment guidelines? An analysis of insurance medical claims

Interaction or contraindication Number of prescriptions Percentage
NSAIDs-non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 142 35%
Beta blockers or ACE/ARBs used as monotherapy in patients of African origin, 69 17%
Atenolol administered to diabetics 53 13%
Thiazide-Amiloride combination containing hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg per tablet 45 11%
Medicines from the same therapeutic class being administered together 31 8%
Potassium sparing agents and ACE/ARBs administered together 19 5%
Hydrochlorothiazide prescribed to diabetics 17 4%
Hydrochlorothiazide prescribed to patients with gout 13 3%
Beta blockers and ACE/ARBs used as dual therapy in patients of African origin. 11 3%
Atenolol prescribed to asthmatics 6 1%
Total 406 100%