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Table 1 Core drug use indicators and their optimal values

From: Assessment of WHO/INRUD core drug use indicators in two tertiary care hospitals of Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan

Core drug use indicators Optimal values
Prescribing Indicators  
 Average number of drugs prescribed per patient encounter 1.6–1.8
 Percent medicines prescribed by generic name 100
 Percent encounters with an antibiotic prescribed 20.0–26.8
 Percent encounters with an injection prescribed 13.4–24.1
 Percent medicines prescribed from essential medicines list or formulary 100
Patient-Care Indicators  
 Average consultation time (minutes) ≥10
 Average dispensing time (seconds) ≥90
 Percent medicines actually dispensed 100
 Percent medicines adequately labeled 100
 Percent patients with knowledge of correct doses 100
Facility-Specific Indicators  
 Availability of essential medicines list or formulary to practitioners 100
 Percent key medicines available 100
  1. Note: Core drug use indicators are obtained from World Health Organization source [2, 10]