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Table 3 Avoidance of serious adverse drug reactions

From: Economic contributions of pharmaceutical interventions by pharmacists: a retrospective report in Japan

No. Case Pharmaceutical intervention
1 Renal function worsening due to a combination of fibrates and statins Discontinue fibrates
2 Lithium intoxication and acute renal failure in patients orally administered lithium carbonate Measure blood lithium concentration and discontinue lithium carbonate
3 Liver dysfunction because of phenytoin Change to other anti-epileptic drugs
4 Hypoglycemia with oral diabetes drugs Reduce dose of oral diabetes drugs
5 Pancytopenia after an increase in carbamazepine dosage Discontinue carbamazepine
6 Bevacizumab administered to a patient with planned tooth extraction Change to chemotherapy without bevacizumab
7 Start of chemotherapy for grade 4 neutropenic patients Postpone chemotherapy
8 No blood test after chemotherapy (grade 4 neutropenia) Recommend blood test
9 Onset of grade 2 peripheral neuropathy after chemotherapy Begin adjuvant analgesics
10 Anaphylaxis by premedication at start of chemotherapy Change premedication
11 Start of chemotherapy for patients untreated for HBV-DNA-positive conversion Postpone chemotherapy and begin oral administration of entecavir
12 Start of chemotherapy for patients untreated for HBV-DNA detection Begin oral administration of entecavir
  1. HBV Hepatitis B virus