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Table 1 Categories of informants and their institutions

From: Explaining the slow transition of child-appropriate dosage formulations from the global to national level in the context of Uganda: a qualitative study

Category of respondents Institution Number
Ministry of Health National Medical Stores 1
  National Drug Authority (NDA) 1
  Pharmacy 1
  Procurement 1
  Child Health 1
Donors and development partners UNICEF Uganda 1
  UNICEF international 1
  WHO 1
  SURE 1
  STRIDES for Family Health 1
  Malaria Consortium 2
Professional bodies Paediatricians 7
  Pharmacist Association 2
Private sector Importers of medicines 2
  Retail pharmacists 6
  Local manufacturers 2
  Author of “The Precise Guide” 1
Private not for profit Joint Medical Stores 1
Academia Pharmacist 1