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Table 3 Statistically significant correlations calculated using Chi square test between the statements on the left with each of the demography category investigated

From: Evaluating patients’ perceptions regarding generic medicines in Jordan

  Survey questions/Statement Demography criteria
   The monthly income Educational level Percentage paid from the cost No. of medicines in the prescription
   Chi square value
1 Physicians should ask patients about their medicines preference. NS 158.38** NS NS
2 Patients should have the option of choosing between generic and originator. NS 163.53** NS NS
3 I don’t mind the pharmacist substituting the medicine I was prescribed to a cheaper equivalent one. 52.15** NS 24.00** 42.03**
4 I don’t mind my prescribed medicines to be substituted from originator to generic. (e.g. Panadol to Revanin). 65.12** NS 45.95** 48.84**
5 My medicines should only be substituted from originator to generic if I request. (e.g. Panadol to Revanin). 146.12** NS NS 46.63**
6 I don’t mind the pharmacist substituting my prescribed medicine to an equivalent locally produced one. NS NS NS NS
7 I prefer to be prescribed locally produced medicines. 66.23** NS 36.02** 55.220**
8 I prefer to be prescribed a well-known brand. NS NS NS NS
9 I prefer to be prescribed imported rather than local medicines. 16.73* NS 16.83* 24.69**
10 Costs should be considered before a drug is prescribed. 13.83* NS 24.07** 43.41**
11 I don’t mind whether my prescribed / dispensed medicine is locally produced or imported as long as it is effective. NS NS NS NS
12 I prefer to be prescribed / dispensed the cheapest medicine available for the treatment of my condition. 21.13** NS NS 177.45**
13 Cost is not an issue for me as long as the medicine will treat my condition. 22.65** NS 40.02** 68.48**
14 A more expensive medicine is a better one. 55.06** NS NS 142.07**
15 Imported medicines are better. 21.17** 34.72** 29.26** 134.66**
16 Using generic medicines would provide significant saving to me. 13.23* NS 92.07** NS
17 In general, medicine costs in Jordan are too high. 28.59** NS 46.59** 59.87**
  1. *:p < 0.05, **:P <0.01, NS: non statistically significant correlations found.