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Table 2 Visual inspection vs. chemical analyses non-compliance summary results (n = 959)

From: Study on identification, assay and organoleptic quality of veterinary medicines in Ethiopia

S/N Visual inspection and chemical analyses results Failed
1 Samples rejected on visual inspections without undergoing any chemical analyses (identification and assay) due to major physical quality defects 0.6% (6/959)
2 Samples subjected to both visual inspections and chemical analyses (identification and assay) and found to be out of specifications for assay 6.9% (66/953)
2.1 Samples that had shown quality defects both in visual inspections and assay result specifications 0.6% (6/953)
2.2 Samples that had shown minor quality defects on visual inspections but passed chemical analyses (identification and assay) specifications and thereby accepted with special corrective measure and preconditions 0.5% (5/953)
2.3 Samples that had no quality defects on visual inspections, but failed to comply with assay result specifications 6.3% (60/953)
3 Total samples did not meet visual inspections and assay result specifications 8.2% (78/959)