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Table 1 The stages of COVID-19 severity in Malaysia corresponding to the classification of World Health Organization

From: The landscape of antibiotic usage among COVID-19 patients in the early phase of pandemic: a Malaysian national perspective

Clinical stage of COVID-19 severity in Malaysia [15] COVID-19 severity based on World Health Organization [14]
Stage 1 Asymptomatic Non-severe Absence of sign of severe or critical disease
Stage 2 Symptomatic, no pneumonia
Stage 3 Symptomatic, pneumonia
Stage 4 Symptomatic, pneumonia, requiring supplemental oxygen Severe • SpO2 < 90% on room air
• Respiratory rate > 30 breaths/min in adults
• Raised respiratory rate in children
• Signs of severe respiratory distress
Stage 5 Critically ill with multi-organ involvement Critical • Acute respiratory distress syndrome
• Sepsis
• Septic shock
• Require life- sustaining therapies
  1. SpO2 oxygen saturation via pulse oximeter