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Table 1 The main themes and subthemes of resilience model

From: Designing a resilience model for pharmaceutical supply chain during crises: a grounded theory approach

Main themes Subthemes
Disaster management structure Infrastructure standards
Health system potentials
Appropriate designing of the structures
Supply chain stewardship
Unique command and initial actions
Information management Comprehensive information of the managers
Appropriate need assessment and creating an integrated information system
Supply chain supervision Distributors’ offending
Controlling the probable outbreaks
Controlling of the local condition and respecting safety principles
Sociocultural factors Level of literacy
Expectations and requests
Planning Nonintegrated service delivery
Importance of decision-making
Necessity of planning
Resource management Resource shortage
Supply chain management
Donation management
Workforce management
Health service coverage Supply chain restrictions
Health insurance coverage
Healthcare system efficiency
Access to health cares
Wasting Human resource wasting
Financial wasting
Wasting time