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Table 1 Data required for modeling

From: Designing supply chains to meet the growing need of vaccines: evidence from four countries

Cost Human resources: civil servant pay scale for health and warehouse staff
Vehicle: fixed purchase, capacity, fuel, operating expenses, number of facilities covered per delivery
Public transportation: average cost per trip
Investment: building construction and CCE needed to set up a new location; additional vehicles for direct delivery, new routes; new technology (AAVs), training new/additional personnel
Operating and fixed storage
Maintenance and fuel for CCE
Straight line depreciation for vehicles and CCE
Human resources Title, average number of staff, and time spent conducting logistics management tasks
Title, average number of staff at warehouse
Title, average number of staff who pickup/drop off commodities
Network structure and facility data Number and location of all HF types that provide vaccines (with GIS coordinates)
Number and location of central, regional, district warehouses (with GIS coordinates)
Current delivery frequency/schedule for each supply chain level
Cold chain equipment Number, model, capacity, functional status of CCE at each HF or warehouse
Vaccines and other commodities Vaccines for each location
Volume for each location:
oTarget population
oImmunization schedule
oTarget coverage
New products for introduction or integration—all of the above needed