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Table 1 Demographic details of research participants

From: Impact of the first phase of COVID-19 pandemic on childhood routine immunisation services in Nepal: a qualitative study on the perspectives of service providers and users

Participant ID Gender Highest level of education completed Occupation Years of experience in the current designation Mode of Interview Duration of interview (in min)
IDI_SP-01 Female Grade 9 FCHV 26 Telephone 60
IDI_SP-02 Female Grade 10 FCHV 28 Telephone 75
IDI_SP-03 Female Grade 10 FCHV 20 Telephone 65
IDI_SP-04 Female Grade 10 Senior ANM 3 Messenger 60
IDI_SP-05 Male Graduate level Cold chain consultant 2 WhatsApp 85
IDI_SP-06 Male Graduate level Immunisation officer 11 Telephone 79
IDI_SP-07 Male Graduate level Immunisation supervisor 24 Messenger 24
  Details of service users (parents) Number of children  
IDI_SU-01 Female High school Housewife 1 Telephone 30
IDI_SU-02 Female Graduate level Housewife 1 Zoom 29
IDI_SU-03 Female Graduate level Housewife 1 Zoom 30
IDI_SU-04 Female Graduate level Housewife 1 Zoom 20
IDI_SU-05 Female Graduate level Lecturer 1 Messenger 25
IDI_SU-06 Female Graduate level Unemployed 1 Zoom 21
IDI_SU-07 Male High School Business 1 Messenger 25
IDI_SU-08 Male Graduate level Multimedia producer 1 Messenger 20