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Table 2 Summary of regulatory requirements for a medicine retail outlet in Ghana

From: Regulatory compliance among over-the-counter medicine sellers facilities within the Upper East Region of Ghana

Standards Some specific requirements
Premises/structure Must be geographically and structurally permanent
Premises must be fit for purpose intended/well designed (ceiling intact, shelves, floor, counter, walls & painting, hygiene, layout etc.); adequately illuminated and ventilated, storage facilities provided, appropriate customer and dispensing areas etc
Premises must meet minimum requirements for floor space and ceiling height
Equipment and materials Availability of a reference material
Availability of ancillary devices (weighing scales, thermometers etc.) where applicable
Personnel Must not be a minor (must be ≥ 18 years of age)
Must be educated (at least SHS level for OTCMS, dispensing/counter assistants)
Must undergo periodic training and re-training
Practice-related Annual renewal of premises and operating licenses
Ensure good records keeping
Premises and business operating license must be displayed
Ensure good dispensing and storage practices are adhered to
Must have a well-written signboard
Premises shall only be employed for the purpose intended or for which operating license was issued (range of services, range of products/commodities in stock, class of drug products in stock)
Only drugs of the approved class shall be stocked and sold where applicable