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Table 1 Laws governing pharmaceutical retail sector in Ghana

From: Regulatory compliance among over-the-counter medicine sellers facilities within the Upper East Region of Ghana

Legislation Main purpose Frontline officers
Part IV of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, Act 857, 2013 Establishes Pharmacy Council of Ghana (PC) as a statutory regulatory body to secure in the public interest the highest standards in the practice of pharmacy in Ghana Inspecting Pharmacists of the Pharmacy Council of Ghana
Public Health Act, 2012, Act 851 Establishes the Food and Drugs Authority to provide standards for the sale of food and drugs and for related matters. Part 7 & 8 of Act 851 regulates medicines to ensure that they are safe, efficacious and of right quality Inspecting Officers of the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)
Health Institutions and Facilities Act, 2011, Act 829 Establishes the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HEFRA) to license facilities for the provision of public and private health care services (premises license) Officers from HEFRA and the Ghana Health Service (GHS)