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Table 4 Opportunities and challenges

From: Case studies for implementing MCDA for tender and purchasing decisions in hospitals in Indonesia and Thailand

  Strengths/opportunities Challenges Recommendations
Utility Transparency
Adaptability to local priorities/needs
Participatory and multi-stakeholder approach
Consideration of trade-offs (price vs. quality + non-quality criteria)
Requires replacement of current process
Need for evidence to prove the MCDA effectiveness
Perception of complexity in implementation
Requires more time and work than price-only decisions
Create full transparency
Involve broadly throughout process
Support and reinforce new behaviour
Measure success
Methodology Consistent/systematic decision approach
Process quality assurance
Flexibility (e.g., different value frameworks for different drug classes)
Pragmatic, user-oriented, and modular
Criteria selection, validation, and measurement; improve applicability for users
Criteria definitions need to be more precise
Ensure fit of criteria in evaluation setting
Detailed guidance on criteria and scoring
Data requirements Adaptable to local data Data retrieval and synthesis by criteria
Data interpretation
Detailed guidance on data requirements
Capacity/training requirements Upskilling of evaluating personnel Lack of training and knowledge
Need for continuous re-enforcement
Education on why
Training on how
Broader societal impact Criteria as requirements to be met by suppliers upskilling of suppliers Threat perceived by local industry Guidance for manufacturers/suppliers
Self-scoring tools
Feed-back to suppliers
Training for suppliers
Full transparency
  1. Analysis of strengths or opportunities versus challenges as observes in the pilot implementation projects in Thailand and Indonesia, following the model used by the FIFARMA MCDA taskforce (Latin American Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry) [20]. The third column (Recommendations; with grey background) exemplifies actions to realize the opportunities and to address the challenges