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Table 2 Interview responses part 2

From: Case studies for implementing MCDA for tender and purchasing decisions in hospitals in Indonesia and Thailand

  Thailand hospital tender (n = 4) Indonesia hospital drug purchasing (n = 4)
Successes (what went well?) (number of mentions) Good communication and collaboration between. project leaders and hospitals [2]
MCDA adoption [1]
Participant motivation [1]
Fits into current process [1]
High interest in hospital [3]
Creating awareness [2]
Stakeholder involvement [1]
Using local data [1]
Challenges (Difficulties) (number of mentions) Assessing the criteria (all 4)
Resistance to change [2]
Standardizing the scoring [1]
Need to improve criteria [1]
Practice integration [1]
Need for training [1]
Finding data for scoring [2]
Perceived as more complex and more work burden [2]
Pandemic interrupted the initiative [2]
Drug shortages can have other reasons [1]
  1. Summary of interview responses relating to successes and challenges (difficulties) in the implementation projects