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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of WHO prescribing indicators evaluated with this review

From: Evaluation of drug prescription pattern using World Health Organization prescribing indicators in public health facilities found in Ethiopia: systematic reviews and meta-analysis

WHO indicators Median (IQR) WHO standard
Average number of drugs per encounter 2.14 (2.52–1.79)  < 2
Percentage of encounters with antibiotics 43.46% (58.67–30.01) 20%–26.8%
Percentage of encounters with injections 13.20% (40.7–6.47) 13.4%–21.1%
Percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name 93.49% (97.96–89.13) 100%
Percentage of drugs from essential drug list 92.54% (97.7–85.10) 100%