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Table 1 Characteristics of articles included in this review

From: Evaluation of drug prescription pattern using World Health Organization prescribing indicators in public health facilities found in Ethiopia: systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Author Details Year of Publication Study area Study design Duration of Data collection Type of health facility (s) No. of health facilities No. of prescriptions
Berhad and seyoum 2018 Addis Ababa city Retrospective cross-sectional February/1/2015–January/ 31/ 2016 Tikur Anbessa Specialized hospital 1 2000
Mishore et al 2020 Dire Dawa city Retrospective cross-sectional July/20/2018–August 19/ 2018 Dilchora Referral hospital 1 344
Yimenu et al 2019 Gondar city Retrospective cross-sectional March/1/2018–March/30/ 2019 Gondar Referral hospital 1 600
Wubetu et al 2018 Finote Selam town and Motta town Retrospective cross-sectional March/1/2015–February/ 29/2016 Finote Selam District hospital, and Motta district hospital 2 362
Gebramariam and Ahmed 2019 West Shoa Zone Retrospective cross-sectional January/1/2017–December /31/2017 Ambo referral hospital, Ambo General hospital, Gindeberet Primary Hospital, Gedo Primary Hospital, Jaldu Primary hospital, and Enchine Primary Hospital 7 2100
Assefa et al 2018 Adiss Ababa city Retrospective cross-sectional May/1/2015–October/31/2015 Tikur Anbessa Specialized hospital 1 384
Gashaw et al 2018 Harer region Retrospective cross-sectional January/1/2016–December/31/2016 Hiwot Fana Specialized Hospital, Federal Harar Police Hospital, Jugel Hospital, and Southeast Command III Hospital 4 2400
Bekele and Tadesse 2018 Dilla town Retrospective cross-sectional September/1/2016–August/31/2018 Dilla referral hospital 1 1440
Mamo and Alemu 2020 Dessie city Retrospective cross-sectional February/1/2019–May/31/2019 Dessie referral hospital 1 500
Wogayehu 2019 Southern Ethiopia Retrospective cross-sectional January 2018 and December 2018   10 1000