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Table 1 Actions required by JEE 2 and the WHO benchmarks for IHR capacities to achieve the various capacity levels for indicator P.3.1: effective multisectoral coordination on AMR

From: Strengthening multisectoral coordination on antimicrobial resistance: a landscape analysis of efforts in 11 countries

Capacity score JEE 2 [13] WHO benchmarks for IHR capacities [14]
No capacity—1 No national action plan on AMR (NAP-AMR) No NAP-AMR
Limited capacity—2 NAP-AMR under development or involves only one sector/ministry
MSC mechanism established with government leadership
Establish a national multisectoral AMR coordinating committee
Undertake a situation analysis to identify major risks for development and transmission of AMR and where the impact of resistance would be greatest
Identify programs and activities relating to key AMR objectives that need to be developed or scaled up
Identify a health ministry lead for AMR, develop clear terms of reference. and coordinate activities of the relevant ministries on AMR and stewardship
Developed capacity—3 NAP-AMR developed; addresses at least human and animal sectors
MSC coordination functional with regular meetings
Develop a plan of action to address AMR in line with the Global Action Plan (GAP) on AMR
Submit a plan for approval through relevant governance mechanisms (such as office of head of state, cabinet, or ministries of health and agriculture)
Develop terms of reference for a multisectoral governance mechanism with clear lines of accountability between the AMR coordinating committee and the high-level One Health group
Organize effective coordination through regular meetings
Demonstrated capacity—4 Multisectoral NAP-AMR approved; in line with GAP; operational plan and monitoring arrangement in place Identify priority actions (based on risk and feasibility) from the NAP, develop an implementation plan with responsible agencies with established timelines, and begin implementation of these actions
Develop and implement a NAP-AMR monitoring framework
Review plans and progress through regular meetings of the AMR governance committee
Identify and map sustained funding for planned activities in the AMR national action plan
Sustainable capacity—5 Multisectoral NAP-AMR has identified funding sources; being implemented; monitoring in place Sustain funding for planned activities in the NAP-AMR
Ensure key activities are incorporated in plans and budgets of relevant programs and agencies
Ensure regular monitoring of progress with data submitted to regional and global levels
Define clearly specified actions within planning and governance mechanisms for all key sectors involved
Identify potential barriers and/or challenges to implementing the NAP and approaches to overcome these barriers