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Table 1 Interview schedule

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators to uptake of non-traditional roles by pharmacists in Saudi Arabia and implications for COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: a qualitative study using Theoretical Domain Framework

S.N. Questions Any prompts/ follow up questions
1 Can I get you to just briefly describe your area of expertise and how long you have been qualified for?  
2 What areas can pharmacists in Saudi Arabia specialise into/what routes can they take?  
3 What do you think patients expect from pharmacists in Saudi Arabia?  
4 If I asked you to define the current role of a pharmacist, what would you say? Prompt: How does this compares with the roles about a decade ago)
5 Can you give me your definition of ‘traditional’ and non-traditional roles in pharmacy practice?  
6 Can you give me an example of a service that you would consider non-traditional? Prompt: what other services do pharmacists provide other than dispensing prescriptions (i.e. vaccinations, OTC counselling, private counselling, blood pressure monitoring etc.)
7 How do you feel about how pharmacy practice is changing in Saudi Arabia?  
8 Do you that think that the roles of pharmacists is becoming more clinical? Follow up: How do you feel this has benefited patients?
9 Do you think pharmacy education in Saudi Arabia is fit for purpose to enable new graduates to uptake non-traditional roles?  
10 Do pharmacists have adequate continuous professional development opportunities to uptake non-traditional roles?  
11 How do pharmacists feel about the wider support to uptake non-traditional roles? Prompt: support from government, employers, patient perceptions etc
12 Do you feel patients value pharmacists uptaking non-traditional roles?  
13 What are your perceptions of a pharmacists’ role in the healthcare team (a multi-disciplinary team of health and social care professionals who are the first point of contact for patients)?  
14 How do you think pharmacists work with other healthcare professionals?  
15 How is this changing with the uptake of non-traditional roles?  
16 Can you tell me about a new and innovative service that you have provided in recently in your field?  
17 Can you tell me what you think are the key barriers to the uptake of non-traditional roles?  
18 What do you think are the key challenges towards the provision of non-traditional services pharmacy roles in Saudi Arabia?  
19 Do you have any comments to add?