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Table 1 Summary of Tanzania’s prepayment schemes

From: National Health Insurance Fund’s relationship to retail drug outlets: a Tanzania case study


Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF)

Tiba Kwa Kadi (TIKA)

National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

Social Health Insurance Benefit

Year started

1996 (CHF)





Rural informal sector

Urban informal sector

Civil servants, some private sector

Private sector workers

Annual premium

Voluntary TSH 30,000

Mandatory 3% of salary for civil servants; voluntary vifurushi plans TSH 30,000–100,000

Voluntary 20% of salary

Benefits package

Primary health care and limited hospital care; medicines access at health facility

Inpatient/ outpatient at any certified facility; medicines access at health facility or retail outlet

Similar to NHIF

Population coverage as of 2019



 < 1%

  1. According to central-level government informants, the national goal for combined iCHF and NHIF population coverage in 2020 is 50%, up from the current 32%