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Table 1 MedRec gap analysis questionnaire

From: Avoiding a Med-Wreck: a structured medication reconciliation framework and standardized auditing tool utilized to optimize patient safety and reallocate hospital resources

Questions Data collection sites
WDMH FHT Ontario Cornwall LTC Local community pharmacy
Who conducts the BPMH? Ward nurses Pharmacy technician Pharmacist Not applicable
MedRec list is reviewed by community pharmacist and reconciled based on conversation with clinical pharmacist in the hospital/LTC
Other questions are not applicable
Are all staff trained to collect BPMH? Some Yes Yes
Is there a MedRec process incorporated into workflow? No Yes Yes
How often are BPMH obtained before medication orders? Over 80% 90% 75%
Howe often was the patient and/or caregiver interviewed when collecting the BPMH? 50% 100% Over 80%
Do physicians request a BPMH to be completed by pharmacy staff? No Yes Yes
How is patient information communicated to community pharmacists and family physicians? Fax Face-to-face communication between physician and pharmacist Fax and phone calls
Are patients counselled on changes to their medications at discharge? Yes, however only if discrepancies were found Yes Yes