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Table 5 Percentage of respondents who answered each key knowledge question correctly (n = 264)

From: Needs assessment and impact of COVID-19 on pharmacy professionals in 31 commonwealth countries

Key knowledge question (n) Correct answer Correct (%) Incorrect (%)
1. Which organisations have developed international recommendations/guidelines on COVID-19? WHO, FIP, Africa CDC 39 61
2. There are currently one or more treatments for COVID-19 that have been fully tested for safety and efficacy (False) False 86 14
3. Chloroquine and hydroxychlorine can be used to treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials False 59 41
4. The CwPAMS app, currently piloted in Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia has other international resources for AMR and COVID-19? (n = 18 356) True 87 13
5. What COVID-19 relevant resources have been developed or in development as part of CwPAMS? Hand rub formulation training video, App 24 76
6. Spread of Coronavirus is via? Droplet, surface 49 51