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Table 3 Ordering and receiving processes of laboratory commodities in selected public hospitals in Jimma zone, April 30 to May 29, 2019 (n = 7)

From: Inventory management performance for laboratory commodities in public hospitals of Jimma zone, Southwest Ethiopia

Questions/variables Frequency
Who determines how much to order? Pharmacy 4
Laboratory 1
Both 2
Types of data elements used to calculate how much to order? Average monthly consumption 5
Number of tests 1
Stock remaining in the laboratory 1
Where reports submitted to Jimma EPSA hub 7
Private suppliers 5
When was the last report submitted for resupply Last month 3
Within the past 2 months 4
Frequency of orders Quarterly 2
Every 6 months 2
When need arises 3
How many emergency orders have you placed in the last 6 months? None 3
At least once 4
Delivery time Less than 2 weeks 2
2 weeks to a month 3
Between 1 and 2 months 2