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Table 2 Availability and utilization of LMIS tools per facility in selected public hospitals in Jimma zone, April 30 to May 29, 2019 (n = 7)

From: Inventory management performance for laboratory commodities in public hospitals of Jimma zone, Southwest Ethiopia

Variable Frequency
Implemented LMIS 7
 Type of LMIS implemented Paper-based only 1
Both paper-based and automated (HCMIS or Dagu) 6
 The types of LMIS forms Bin-cards Available 7
Utilized 5
IFRRs Available 7
Utilized 7
RRFs Available 7
Utilized 6
Order book Available 5
Utilized 3
Requisition and order voucher Available 3
Utilized 1
Delivery note Available 7
Utilized 7