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Table 2 Promax rotated matrix of the general confidence with computer use scale

From: Lebanese pharmacists’ confidence and self-perceptions of computer literacy: scale validation and correlates

Factor Items Factor 1 Factor 2
I have never felt myself able to learn how to use computers. 5 0.87  
It takes me much longer to understand how to use computers than the average person. 4 0.84  
I find having to use computers frightening. 7 0.84  
I find using computers confusing. 11 0.80  
I’m nervous that I’m not good enough with computers to be able to use them for continuing education. 12 0.71  
I have never been very excited about using computers. 10 0.66  
I am not what I would call a computer person. 3 0.64  
I don’t understand how some people can enjoy spending so much time using computers. 9 0.63  
I find it easier to learn how to use a computer than I do learning other things. 1   0.76
I enjoy trying new things on a computer. 6   0.75
When I have difficulties using a computer I know I can handle them. 2   0.72
I find many aspects of using computers interesting and challenging. 8   0.71
Cronbach’s alpha   0.79 0.73
Percentage of variances explained   41.45 15.65
  1. Cronbach alpha for the total scale = 0.716
  2. Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy = 0.878; Bartlett’s test of sphericity (p < 0.001)