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Table 9 ADR related to DPP-4i use, N = 105

From: Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 inhibitors use in type II diabetic patients in a tertiary hospital

Parameters/characteristicsn (%)
ADR occurrenceSaxagliptin6
Types of ADRGastrointestinal intolerance7 (6.7)
Dizziness3 (2.9)
Hypoglycaemia1 (1.0)
Leg oedema1 (1.0)
Action taken when ADR occursChange to different DPP-4i6 (50.0)
Continue the same DPP-4i5 (42.7)
Dose reduction1 (8.3)
Discontinuation of DPP-4i0 (0.0)
Choice of new DPP-4iSaxagliptin/Metformin4 (50.0)
Saxagliptin1 (33.3)
Linagliptin1 (16.7)