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Table 2 Number and percentage of essential medicines not registered with the NDA according to VEN classification and the level of use in the health system

From: Registration and local production of essential medicines in Uganda

EML sectionVEN classificationLevel of use
 EMLNot registered EMLNot registered
General medicinesVital13542 (31%)HC2 (HC1)187 (39%)
Essential14360 (42%)HC26923 (33%)
Necessary12964 (50%)HC36814 (21%)
 HC411245 (40%)
H7439 (53%)
RR5932 (54%)
NR76 (86%)
Subtotal407166 (41%)Subtotal407166 (60%)
Specialist medicinesVital4832 (67%)HC2 (HC1)0
Essential5032 (64%)HC20
Necessary6145 (74%)HC321 (50%)
 HC4136 (46%)
H1912 (63%)
RR7249 (68%)
NR5341 (77%)
Subtotal159109 (69%)Subtotal159109 (69%)
Total 566275 (49%) 566275 (49%)
  1. 1. HC health centres level 1–4, H hospital, RR regional referral hospital, NR national referral hospital
  2. 2. For medicines listed more than once and with a different VEN classification and/or level of use we considered the highest priority of VEN classification and the lowest level of use. E.g. fluorouracil injection 50 mg/ml was listed as necessary (N) at regional referral hospital level (RR) in the anti-metabolites section of General Medicines and as vital (V) at national referral hospital level (NR) in the cytotoxic section of Specialist Medicines. For the purposes of this table was fluorouracil counted in as a general medicine, V and RR level