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Table 1 Definition of treatment outcomes among extrapulmonary tuberculosis patients

From: Treatment outcomes of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in Bahawalpur, Pakistan; a record review

Outcome Definition
Treatment completed A TB patient who completed treatment without evidence of failure but with no record to show that sputum smear or culture results in the last month of treatment and on at least one previous occasion were negative, either because tests were not done or because results are unavailable.
Treatment failure Patients who were initially diagnosed as EPTB (with or without bacteriological confirmation), and those started on treatment based on clinical and radiological findings, who have not shown clinical improvement or became smear (or culture) positive or their condition deteriorated during the course of treatment. This definition excludes those patients who are diagnosed with RR-TB or MDR-TB during treatment.
Died A TB patient who dies for any reason before starting or during the course of treatment.
Loss to follow-up A TB patient who did not start treatment or whose treatment was interrupted for two consecutive months or more.
Not evaluated A TB patient for whom no treatment outcome is assigned. This includes cases “transferred out” to another treatment unit as well as cases for whom the treatment outcome is unknown to the reporting unit.
Favorable treatment outcome Patients categorized as treatment completed.
  1. Adapted from: Definitions and reporting framework for tuberculosis – 2013 revision World Health Organization; National Tuberculosis Management Guidelines, Republic of South Africa (2014).