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Table 1 Themes, codes and sub-codes

From: The role of accountability in the performance of Jazia prime vendor system in Tanzania

Main themes Codes categorization Inductive-codes
Financial accountability Revenue tracking and reporting • Direct health facility financing
• Facility bank accounts
• Cost-sharing funds at facility
Tracking and reporting on funds utilization • Review of facility documents
• Decision-making process
• HFGC meetings
• Itemization of facility needs
Financial and inventory auditing • Standardized auditing tools
• Document review at facility
• Healthcare commodity labelling
• Feedback meetings/reports
Performance accountability Medicines availability • Quarterly medicines availability assessment
• Facility staff experience
Delivery time of consignment • Number of days taken to deliver consignment
• Transportation and communication
Procedure accountability Adherence to standard operating procedures • Facility quantification
• Delivery of the consignment
• Inspection of the consignment
• Payment to the vendor
• Communications channels
Payment terms of the vendor • Contractual agreement on payments to the vendor
• Communications channels
• Document reviews
Peer cascade coaching • Coaches selection process
• Training on integrated logistic supply
• Facility allocation for coaching
• Content and frequency of coaching
Redistribution of medicines • Role of supportive supervision
• Documentation in the facility