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Table 1 COVID-19 10 Step guidance for pharmacy teams

From: Pharmacists at the frontline beating the COVID-19 pandemic

The features of the guidelines are:
1. Pharmacy Signage: Have a banner/standee at the pharmacy entrance advising patients not to enter the pharmacy if they are displaying any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Signpost patients to contact the COVID-19 Helpline 1166 or to contact COVID-19 designated hospitals
2. Wash your hands: Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 s or use an alcohol-based rub. Use WHO 7 steps of hand-washing technique. Provide Hand gels at the pharmacy counter for the public.
3. Self-Isolate: If you have a new cough and/ or a fever DO NOT come to work and self isolate for at least 14 days and when symptoms get better
4. Social Distance: Maintain a 1-m distance between yourself and patients when taking in and giving out prescriptions. Consider restricting the number of patients who can enter your pharmacy at one time
5. Face mask: Wear a mask when in contact with patients. Change masks frequently. Disposable masks should only be used once.
6. Prescription Handling: Wear disposable gloves in the pharmacy. Ensure you change your gloves every time you handle a new prescription
7. Mobile Phones Rx Handling: Encourage patients to sanitize mobile phones with alcohol wipes available at the pharmacy counter, before you handle the mobile
8. Cash/PC Handling: Cash should be strictly handled with gloves and should be changed after every hour. Handling of medicines and cash should not be done by the same member of staff simultaneously. Use gloves to operate keyboards
9. Sanitation of Premises: All surfaces including appliances, shelving, medicines packaging, computers, telephones should be sanitized on a regular basis using a rota-system
10. COVID-19 Testing: will only take place if:
Recently travelled internationally
Recently travelled Intercity and are showing COVID-19 Symptoms
Been in-contact with someone who has recently travelled Internationally
Anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms: fever, persistent cough & Shortness of breath