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Table 2 Estimated costs of selected commercially-available technologies for the determination of medicine quality

From: Tackling the blind spot of poor-quality medicines in Universal Health Coverage

  Device Applications/Feature Unit Price (USD), estimated, 2017
1 TruScan® Pharmaceutical raw materials. Hand-held (portable) 70,000a
2 HPLC Identity, impurities, content uniformity 80,000b
3 UV-Vis spectrophotometer Identity, quantification. Bench-top 10,000c
4 Mini-Lab® Identity, semi-quantification. Portable 8000a
5 Dissolution apparatus Dissolution; bench-top 10,000d
  1. aManufacturer’s quoted price. 2017. Private communication. (Price includes installation and training)
  2. bEstimated based on an internet search on Amazon
  3. cPurchase price for a double-beam brand. 2018
  4. dIndicative price for an entry-level, used, system