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Fig. 1 (abstract O2). | Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice

Fig. 1 (abstract O2).

From: Abstracts from the 4th International PPRI Conference 2019: Medicines access challenge – The value of pricing and reimbursement policies

Fig. 1 (abstract O2).

Cumulative real pharmaceutical price inflation in (a) Australia and US with year 1981 as the baseline year (b) Australia, US and Euro area with year 2000 as the baseline year. Note: The index was calculated by dividing the pharmaceutical price index by all-item consumer price index in the baseline year; the term “Euro area” comprises EA11-2000, EA12-2006, EA13-2007, EA15-2008, EA16-2010, EA17-2013, EA18-2014, EA19. Source: Author’s calculation based on data published by the Governments of Australia (1), the USA (2) and Eurostat (3)

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