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Table 2 Key drivers of medicines wastage in selected public health facilities of South West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia, May 2016

From: Factors contributing to medicines wastage in public health facilities of South West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia: a qualitative study Contributing Factors
1 Near expiry medicines (<  6 months) are being delivered to the health facilities by the supplier
2 Poor stock management, e.g. not applying FEFO principle in stock management
3 Lack of electronic stock management tools that are used to trace expiry date in the health facilities
4 Shortage of pharmacy professionals in the facilities
5 Health facility administrators’ negative to the pharmacy service
6 Weak or no mechanisms for medicine wastage monitoring and evaluation in the health facilities
7 Poor communication and coordination between the health facilities and key stakeholders (health bureau/office, suppliers and donors)
8 Poor storage conditions of medicines in the health facilities