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Table 1 Data collection inclusion and exclusion criteria for HMs in Bahrain and Kuwait drug regulatory authorities

From: A qualitative exploration of Bahrain and Kuwait herbal medicine registration systems: policy implementation and readiness to change

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Herbal preparations that are manufactured industrially consist of active ingredient(s) that is/are purely and naturally original plant substance(s), is/are not chemically altered and is/are responsible for the overall therapeutic effect of the product Other types of preparations including homeopathic products, cosmetics, medical devices and medicines containing herbal substance(s) as active substance(s) that has/have been synthesised or chemically altered
Raw herbs that are not manufactured industrially
HMs as teas or coffees
HMs used for curing purposes or supporting body functions HMs that do not have a therapeutic effect or are used as flavours or additives or have a cosmetic effect
HMs for human use HMs for animal use
HMs registration for the consumption of the general public HMs that are not supplied for the consumption of the general public but for the purpose of supplying to specific individuals by healthcare practitioners following a one-to-one consultation
Premarketing registration of HMs (initial registration) Post-marketing surveillance of HMs
  1. HMs herbal medicines