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Table 4 Most common reasons for visiting community pharmacies

From: Perceptions and trends in the use of community pharmacies in Ghana

Reasons Frequency Percentage
To get advice and treatment for minor ailments 348 83.9
To purchase prescribed medications 228 54.9
To get medications that i can purchase without prescription (OTC products) 199 48.0
To seek for advice or treatment for another person 45 10.8
Get advice on general health condition 39 9.4
Get advice on management and use of medications 19 4.6
Get home diagnostic devices (Glucometer Etc.) 8 1.9
Obtain para-pharmaceutical products (eg. Sunscreens, Cosmetics, Baby Care products) 4 1.0
Multiple responses, so the cumulative percentage will be more than 100%
  1. Source: Constructed by authors based on field data