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Table 5 Barriers reported by pharmacies not providing a clozapine supply service (n = 122)a

From: Implementing a clozapine supply service in Australian community pharmacies: barriers and facilitators

Barriers to service implementation b n %
Lack of need for service (e.g. no clozapine consumers) 70 57.4
Limited knowledge of monitoring requirements 32 26.2
Clozapine has difficult supply arrangements 27 22.1
Limited financial return 25 20.5
Lack of time 23 18.9
Lack of access to training 22 18.0
Lack of external support or assistance 19 15.6
Increased resource requirements 18 14.8
Poor communication about regulatory changes 16 13.1
Difficulties in communication with prescribers 13 10.7
Do not believe clozapine should be supplied in the community 6 4.9
Other c 24 19.7
  1. a 122 respondents answered these questions; b Multiple responses allowed; c Other: included no information on how to implement the service, issues in implementing the service or unaware of the service