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Table 2 Pharmacological groups and subgroups of medicines used in the study

From: The Brazilian private pharmaceutical market after the first ten years of the generics law

Pharmacological Group Pharmacological Sub-Groupa
Anti-infectives for systemic use subgroup J01/J1 – Antibacterials for systemic use/systemic antibacterials
Alimentary tract and metabolism medicines subgroup A10 – Drugs used in diabetes
Cardiovascular system medicines subgroups: C02/C2 – Antihypertensive (methyldopa); C03/C3 – Diuretics; C07/C7 – Beta blocking agents; C08/C8 – Calcium channel blockers /Calcium antagonists; C09/C9 – Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system)
  1. aACT/EphMRA codes for pharmacological sub-groups included in the study