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Table 1 General steps for implementation

From: Jazia prime vendor system- a public-private partnership to improve medicine availability in Tanzania: from pilot to scale

Step No Objective Expected output
1 Baseline data Quantification of medicines needs is available
Current private procurement practices are analysed
Financial management of complementary funds, flow, amount and procedures is assessed
2 Advocacy and buy-in Consent and buy-in is reached by all stakeholders
3 Administrative structures A PV technical committee, PV board and temporary tender evaluation committee is appointed with TORs
A Jazia PVS office is identified, equipped and staffed
A Jazia PVS coordinator is appointed and instructed
4 Jazia PVS documents All documents driving the Jazia PVS are reviewed and approved
5 Vendor Forum Interested private suppliers are informed a possible PPP and have prequalification documents
6 Prequalification A selected number of potential suppliers have been prequalified
7 Tender A final supplier (Prime Vendor) is selected and approved
8 PPP contracting PPP contract is negotiated between the regional authority and the private supplier
9 SOP and M&E documents SOPs and a M&E framework is available and approved
10 Launch The Jazia PVS is officially launched by signing the contract between regional authority and private supplier
11 PVS training Regional and district stakeholders and health facility staff are competent in SOP of Jazia PVS activities Operations start
12 Follow-up Backstopping, M&E and medicines and financial audits are conducted. Enablers and obstacles of Jazia PVS are assessed and regional team is supported