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Table 3 Community programmes funded under 5th CPA [19, 20]

From: The impact of clinical services provided by community pharmacies on the Australian healthcare system: a review of the literature

Clinical interventions Recommendation of change in drug treatment to improve quality use of medication [19].
Medication reviews MedsCheck/Diabetes MedsCheck: In-pharmacy medication review with limited scope to improve patient’s knowledge, self-management, and adherence to drug therapy [20].
HMR: Comprehensive medication review in patient’s home to identify potential DRPs and develop strategies to avoid them [20].
Primary healthcare (focusing on diabetes, respiratory tract, CVD, or mental health) Health promotion: Interventions to enhance the health status of the population through education, support, and awareness [19].
Screening and risk assessment: Identify patients at high risk of a disease or undiagnosed at present [19].
Disease state management: Support for patients with chronic diseases to improve the quality of life and reduce long-term effects associated with the disease [19].
Community services support Needle and syringe programme: Supply of sterile injecting equipment and safe disposals to reduce drug-related harm, especially transmission of HIV and HCV [19].
Opioid substitution programme: Provision of substitute drug treatment to reduce the risk and harms associated with opioid abuse [19].
National diabetes service scheme access point: Supply of diabetes-related devices and support for diabetes patients [19].
Mental health first aid: Emergency support for persons with mental health issues until professional help is available [19].
Pharmacy delivery service
Return of unwanted medicines
Staff training
eHealth: use of modern software for medication dispensing [19].
  1. Abbreviations: CVD cardiovascular diseases, DRP drug-related problem, HCV hepatitis C virus, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, HMR Home Medicines Review